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Sterling Silver Men's Cufflinks Handmade Nature Amethyst Gem Gift from Holy Land


Men’s Cufflinks Handmade Artistic work Elegant Vintage style
Sterling Silver Set with Purple Amethyst Gemstones

Item Details:

♥ One set of Men’s Cufflinks
♥ 100% Handmade with fancy intricate soldered handiwork
♥ Made of 925 Sterling Silver
♥ With purple Amethyst gemstones
♥ Stone Size: 7 mm
♥ Arrives in a beautiful gift box
♥ And benefit from the crystal healing properties of the gemstone!

Amethyst calms and refreshes the spiritual center,
the third eye chakra.
It enhances spiritual awareness and assimilation of new ideas.
Helps with focus and facilitates the decision-making process.
Offers peace of mind and emotional balance,
intensifying the life force in the human body
and helps all systems, especially the nervous system.



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