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Snuff Box Perfume Box Rare Lion's Head Rare Men's Pendant Storage Sterling Silver

Product description

Nasal Infection Medicaments.

Men’s Pendant Rare Lion’s Head Sterling Silver
Set with a Lapis Lazuli gem.
Comes with a beautiful silver chain3mm thick and 50cm long
A useful mini spoon is hidden inside
On sterling silver charming chain.

This gorgeous Rare Lion pendant miniature bottle,
is handmade by our talented artist.
The pendant arrives in a fancy gift box.

Lapis Lazuli is a spiritual Gem stone in the full sense of the word.
It can be used consciously for spiritual cleansing.
It helps in healing deep emotional wounds that
need to be released and healed. It helps alleviate
despair, enhances intellectual capacities,
gives you strength and wisdom
and increases ability for self-acceptance.
Lapis gives a boost to the immune system,
helps in achieving energetic balance
and is excellent for treating ear problems.

Comes in a gift box

Sending wellness out to the world such
a wonderful way.
Peace and all good, Blessings on you…Gila


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