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Powder Box Perfume Box Snuff Box Special Container Pendant with Mini Spoon Sterling Silver

Snuff, Perfume, or Powder Special Container Pendant
With a screw-on cap that is also a Mini Spoon
Handcrafted Artisan Sterling Silver Work

Comes with a beautiful silver chain3mm thick and 50cm long
This unique container is designed and made by my husband,
a talented artist who loves to make his creations with sterling silver,
The metal that symbols kindness and spreads abundance.

This specific round pendant was inspired by our small backyard garden,
which is blessed with lots of flowers.
Arie “planted” the variety of vegetation from silver,
around this amazing pendant and added a nice small spoon hidden inside.
Can be used for perfume or snuff.

The pendant is crafted from Sterling Silver,
and is set with a 14 mm Amazonite gemstone,
Which is named after the Amazon River.
This gemstone promotes kindness and practicality.
It’s known as the Lucky “Hope Stone,”
and will help you achieve your hopes and dreams.


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