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Cufflinks Men's Handmade Sterling Silver Moonstone Gemstone Gift from Holy Land

Men’s Cufflinks Handmade Artistic work Elegant Vintage style
Sterling Silver Set with Pink Moonstone Gemstones

Item Details:

♥ One set of Men’s Cufflinks
♥ 100% Handmade
♥ Made of 925 Sterling Silver
♥ With genuine Moonstone gemstones
♥ Stone Size: 10 mm
♥ Arrives in a beautiful gift box
♥ And benefit from the crystal healing properties of the gemstone!

Moonstone creates passionate love that will fly you to the moon!
It is said that if you give a moonstone to your lover you will
Always have passionate love together.
Moonstone brings good fortune, enhances intuition,
Promotes inspiration, and brings success in love and in business.



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