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Artist necklace, Luxury Handmade Sterling Silver Special Design dreamy. One of a kind. You will not Such find one anywhere

Luxury Handmade Artist necklace, Sterling Silver 

Special Design dreamy. So beautiful and unique. 

One of a kind. You will not Such  find one anywhere

Gift From the Holy Land

We are so proud and excited to give you the chance and
opportunity, to own this luxury, handmade necklace.
Like a piece of history on the neck of the woman that you
appreciate it the most!

Like the Garden of Eden from Silver.
So delicate, gentle, and fine.

This outstanding necklace can be for your wife, or mother, spouse,
girlfriend grandmother, or beloved daughter.
Length 44 cm.Width 1 cm.Thickness 10 mm.
This necklace is classic and versatile in design.
That is why it perfectly matches and compliments her very special dress or
her favorite pair of jeans. It is elegant and casual together.
It exudes style and grace and is the quintessential
addition to her fine jeweler collection.
You are going to enjoy this creation- for eternity!
Highly recommended!


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